Body positivity is more important than body policing. Eyes on your own paper. We've got a lot of good excuses over here. They're called reality. For more background on this project, click here:

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My Excuse? I am determined to love myself just the way I am.


My excuse (and I’m only 22)…I love my mind, body, soul and life far too much to torture myself physically and mentally to attain socially constructed beauty ideals. There are far more important things I value and hope to achieve in my short life than painfully manipulate my able, healthy body to conform to insane social standards. Been there, done that. Instead, I am determined to accept my body just the way it is and provide it with love, acceptance, nourishment and appreciation. I believe that within our body shaming society this task requires more determination and dedication than following the strictest of fitness plans. My body is my temple & sometimes it needs cake.


I’m a middle aged woman running two businesses. My exercise of choice is dancing. I Ballroom dance and country dance, and yes, I am very fond of ice cream. I come from (as my late mother, who was a physician (died at 82 from a massive stroke.) and part of a long line of women who, as she put it,…



I don’t need an excuse for anything as long as I am just being me. I overcame anorexia (with bulimic phases), brought myself to a limit like running 10k each day while being on 500 kcals, Do you think that this is healthy? Do you think that being recovered once does not mean to fall back? Do you…


My excuse?  I almost died a few years ago.  While I was in the hospital, when it was still touch and go, I thought of what I would want people to say at my funeral, if it came to that, and what I would try to make sure they’d have cause to say eventually, if I survived.  Things like “she was kind and understanding to all” or “she had a generous and loving heart” came to mind.  “She had  sixpack abs and a thigh gap” did not make the list.

Anonymous asked
Very nice blog. The "what's your excuse" campaign is ableist, insensitive, and fatphobic. Keep it up!

Thanks! Totally agreed. Time to empower through media message and take back our own definitions. And we’re always looking for submissions, so share away, if you so desire. Maybe someone you know will be interested in participating!